13 junho 2007

Welcome to Estoril Cascais

The Soroptimist International Clube Estoril Cascais is based in the cities of Estoril and Cascais, about 25-30 km west of Lisbon on the Estoril Coast. The region well served b Cascais by a train line from Lisbon to Cascais which gives it the nickname "a Linha", has lovely and easily accessible beaches and has been an important tourist resort since the 1920's for year-round visiting. It e has numerous hotels and conference centers, the sea and the Tagus estuary to the south and west, and the lovely Sintra and Malveira mountains to the north.

It has long attracted illustrious foreign visitors, from the bellicose Phillip II of Spain and the Junot of France, to the peaceful such as the writer Saint-Exupery, Patiño of Bolivia, Umberto of Italy and the Count and Countess of Barcelona.

Costa do Estoril