01 fevereiro 2007


Human Rights/Status of Women
Women will be empowered by being afforded human rights and freedom from all forms of violence.
A. Eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.
B: Eliminate trafficking of human beings, especially women and girls*
C. Reduce the harmful effects of conflicts and war on women and girls.

Women and girls will enjoy enhanced status and will be enabled to achieve their full potential throughout their lifespan.
A. Work for universal primary education and access to lifelong learning for women and girls*
B. Work for universal access to quality education and training opportunities for women and girls in technology and
non-traditional occupations.
C. Facilitate the understanding of the role and contribution of men and boys to achieve gender equity.

Economic and Social Development
Women will live and work in safe and equitable environments with equal opportunities for advancement.
A. Develop programs and partnerships to eradicate the extreme poverty and hunger of women and girls*
(Empower young women to meet today’s challenges)
B. Improve societal and workplace conditions to enable women to achieve their potential.
C. Increase women’s involvement in managing and decision making

Women will have optimal mental and physical health throughout their life span.
A. Actively promote awareness of women’s needs and their role in combating HIV/AIDS*
B. Improve nutrition and access to health care and medical supplies/medicines for women and children.
C. Decrease maternal and infant mortality rates*
D. Support ending tobacco usage (Lobby for ratification and implementation of World Health Organisation
Framework Convention on Tobacco Control)
E. Eliminate drug and substance abuse.

Women will be equal partners in the process of managing natural resources, maintaining biodiversity and achieving sustainable communities.
A. Improve and increase access to safe drinking water as a basis human right*
B. Support sustainable development that includes improved protection of ecosystems
C. Increase fair distribution of food resources to those in need.

International Goodwill and Understanding
Women will be equal partners in the attainment of wold peace, tolerance and understanding.
A. Enhance respect for all cultures and halt all forms of discrimination through increased tolerance and mutual
B. Advocate for women’s participation in the peace process, to include reconciliation, reconstruction and the
humane resettlement of refugees.
C. Advocate for the banning of landmines, the clearance of residual ordnance and rehabilitation of the land.
(Promote the implementation fo the Ottawa Treaty)

* Related to Millenium Development goals.

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