21 novembro 2012

3 Diversity “Best Practices” That Hurt Women

Beyond diversity, should organizations aim for gender balance?

  • WHY? Involves debating whether the company should aim for gender balance, why, how and how fast. It is in peer group discussions that they begin to align a common understanding of the issue — and the goal.
  • WHAT? Is a fast track education on gender differences and how to manage “bilingually” across genders. Remarkably, leaders will be the first to tell you that they really don’t understand women.
  • HOW? Offers guidelines on how to implement gender balance on a global scale, and what to avoid. What are the innovative best practices, how to radically reframe the whole issue as a strategic priority for all managers and how to pace and sequence a program over a realistic timeline. 

Read full article in 3 Diversity “Best Practices” That Hurt Women

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